Day 1 and day2 — El Pelicano, Chirripo     [Dec 12 & 13, 2014]

We drove immediately from the San Jose Airport to Chirripo.  When we arrived, we had been traveling for over 24 consecutive hours.  Hard, but worth it.
The next morning, we arose in Chirripo at El Pelicano.  We took a walk up to the entrance of Chirripo National Park.  This took us through a tiny town — Rivas or Miravalles, I think.
The second day, we went to a botanical garden next door to El Pelicano.

Villa Los Aires      [Dec 13, 2014]

After the secret garden tour, we got into the cars and drove to Villa Los Aires, stopping briefly at Perez Zeledon (San Isidro del General).  Nice drive, with the usual proviso about uneven road quality.
The place was the most posh I have ever rented for a Button vacation.  It was laid out for leisure, with a pool overlooking the hillside.  The pool provided immediate good, clean fun for Gary, Kevin and Angie.  This hillside was populated by a few small farms.
Out from the pool, there was a view toward the Pacific Ocean (not in sight).  It overlooked a rural Tico setting, and presented nice views, especially in the morning and evening.
We were spoiled by a pair of talkative Toucans who visited us the first day.  Photo-genic, of course, they consumed seeds from one of the nearby trees.

Mangrove Swamp Tour, Quepos      [Dec 15, 2014]

Monday we drove to the Pacific Ocean and took a tour of local Mangrove Swamp.  See an eco-system, you know?  It was a boat tour, with some photo ops.
The wildlife exposure was disappointing on this tour.  However, I did capture this series of a Great Blue Heron jumping into flight.

Ziplining with Mid-world, Quepos      [Dec 16, 2014]

Tuesday we drove to a nearby area, to do a little zip-lining through the jungle.  The venue was a really gorgeous property, hidden away from the highway by a palm orchard.  I loved it!
It is hard to convey the amount of vertical.  We are high in the jungle canopy but the jungle itself is so dense that you cannot always see the ground.  A very good experience (but I think MonteVerde may still be the best).
Everyone had their unique style — I tried to capture it below.
The guides were professional and everything was impeccable.  This organization has its act together.
For her birthday, Angie was given a "superman" ride.  Photos in sequence below.

Guided tour in Manuel San Antonio Park      [Dec 17, 2014]

Walking tour with Brian Jimenez

In and around villa los aires      [Week of Dec 14, 2014]

Thursday and Friday, a bunch of wildlife came to the house.  So I took some pictures.  Also, Friday, we went on a short horse ride.

End of pictures